Do you have any tips for a successful application?

We certainly do! Here’s how to make a good first impression and what we look for as an employer.

First impressions matter, especially when applying for a job. Regardless of whether you apply online, by email or by post, we want to know all about you so we’ll examine your application closely. Use it as a means of showing us what makes you special. Follow our tips to leave a lasting impression and progress successfully to the next stage: an interview where we can get to know you in person.

What does my application need to contain?

The most important things are a covering letter, your CV and any certificates. Here are some important tips.


Your covering letter

The covering letter you send should be unique and informative. We want to know who you are. What are your goals? What are your talents? How do you see your career path? What do you imagine an apprenticeship will be like? Why are you interested in joining bonprix and – more importantly – why should we invite you to join us? There’s a lot to consider but try and keep your covering letter to a single DIN A4 page. And remember: honest people give honest answers.

Your CV

Every CV is like a business card, just with more detail. Make sure everything is short, structured and clearly laid out. We want to know where you went to school, whether you’ve completed an internship or any work experience, what skills you have and what your hobbies are. Most CVs have a table format, but yours doesn’t have to be.

Your certificates

Naturally we’re interested in how you fared at school, so remember to attach a copy of your last two reports. If you’ve already completed an internship or work experience, attach the certificate of attendance or some other proof. Other certificates that interest us are any kind of language course or computing qualification.

What happens after I’ve submitted my application?

If we like the look of your application, we will invite you to an interview so we can get to know you in person.

You and the other candidates will be invited to a group interview at our headquarters. The meeting last for around four hours, in which we’ll provide you with more detailed information about bonprix and our apprenticeships. You will also have the opportunity to introduce yourself and show us you’re the right person for the job. Some of our current apprentices will join us so you can ask them all about what it’s like at bonprix. You may be invited to take part in a one-to-one interview, so take the time to prepare – just as you did with your original application. When asked what you know about bonprix and why you want to start an apprenticeship here, you should have some good answers ready. Good luck! If everything goes well, the next time we see you could be on your first day at bonprix.