Corporate cultureat bonprix

What’s it like working at bonprix?

The bonprix world is international, innovative, inclusive – and successful.

We are team players who belive in an open culture and communicating at eye level. New ideas and an enjoyable working environment are just as important to us as straightforward teamwork. We`re creative thinkers and goal- oriented. We respect opinions different to our own and are happy to help one another out. We offer a workplace where employees can take on responsibility and really make a difference. Short paths, a relaxed atmosphere and feeling valued as an individual all contribute to our success. And it`s fun.

How we are at bonprix!

Professionally and humanely

We are respectfully and constructively with each other.

Inspiring clients

Our heart beats for our clients.

Our organisation –
my responsibility

It’s up to us to make it happen.

Desire for success

We are successful together.

Courage to change

We are continuously improving
and are open to new ideas.

Act pragmatically

We act in a simple, direct
and straigthforward fashion.

Contagious joy

Having humour and a positive attitude
is part of who we are.

bonprix it‘s me – unlimited

We think and act internationally.

Do bonprix employees get involved in social projects?

Yes, they do. Read about the good causes we support here:
Our Social Responsibility

What can I expect from your managers?

Our managers are here to engage with and encourage their employees.

We believe in a highly professional but friendly approach at all times. We want everyone in the team to contribute and progress their competencies. These managerial principals are anchored firmly in our corporate culture and we carry out regular employee surveys. Transparency and constructive feedback help us all grow and become better at what we do.

How we lead at bonprix!

I am a role model.

Time for leadership is important
to me – I will take that time.

I demand comprehensive
collaboration – it is the basis
of our success.

I value each employee and
acknowledge their achievements.

I provide opportunities for
my employees to contribute
and give them responsibilities.

I support change and always make
sure my team is on the same path.

I communicate openly and
honestly on a personal level.

I am goal-oriented and act
in the interest of the company.

To me conflicts are necessary
and a chance to enable positive change.

I promote the development
of my employees.