Are you a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles?

We certainly are.

Since 2015, the Otto Group has been a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (“Textile Partnership”), a scheme initiated by the German government. The partnership, whose members are corporations, NGOs and political institutions, aims to constantly improve environmental and social standards along the textile value-added chain. We understand that some changes can only be made as part of a strong alliance, which is why the Otto Group has supported the idea of a textile partnership from the beginning and is actively engaged in the definition of its objectives and activities. The Group recently presented a 2017 road map with a range of measures set to improve working conditions and production processes over the next year.

What other initiatives do you take part in?

As well as the textile partnership, we are also a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

The aim of the BSCI is the permanent improvement of working conditions at our suppliers. The initiative was founded in 2004 by the Otto Group. More than 1500 companies now subscribe to BSCI, all with one common goal: to improve social standards along the entirety of the value-added chain. This includes providing safe, healthy working conditions with regular working hours, fair wages, the right to form unions, the freedom of organisation and to set tariffs, and the elimination of child and forced labour. Independent audits are carried out in our supplier companies to ensure these principles are upheld.

Alongside other international organisations, the Otto Group also signed the Bangladesh Accord on Fire & Building Safety in 2013. The accord’s goal is to ensure employees have access to safe, healthy working conditions. In June 2017, the Otto Group signed the new Accord 2.0 and continues to assume responsibility for workers employed in Bangladeshi factories who produce goods for the Otto Group. 

As a member of the Otto Group, bonprix has also been a member of the fur-free retailer programme “VIER PFOTEN” since 2014.