Can textiles really be dyed sustainably?

Yes they can! That’s why we’re so proud of our innovative CleanDye technology. 

Exclusively for the new dyeing process and with the help of our partners in Vietnam, we built a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to high-quality dyeing without the need for any water or hazardous chemicals. CO₂ is almost liquefied under high pressure so it can disperse the dyes and carry them deep into the fabric. Once dyeing is completed, the CO₂ can be almost fully recycled in a closed loop system. The entire process is highly energy-efficient and creates zero wastewater or effluent.

The figures speak for themselves: 

Take a look:

The video from CleanDye shows how the new dyeing method contributes to a more sustainable fashion supply chain. Also, you will find more information on the official CleanDye product page.