What makes bonprix so unique?

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There’s something exciting for every single woman – no matter what her style, her size or her age is. 

We don’t see our customers as standard shoppers in standard shapes and sizes. We know women are as diverse as life itself and all want something slightly different. And this translates into the fashion we design. There’s something for every woman at bonprix – just the way she is. Because nothing shines brighter than beauty from within.

When it comes to style, our customers see us as a reliable partner – whether for themselves, their kids, their partners or even their home. As well as kitting out the whole family from top to toe, we also have countless ideas to transform your home.

In short: our brand is inspirational and multifaceted. And it’s exciting. We want every woman to feel their very best when they say “bonprix – it’s me”!

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What does the brand bonprix stand for?Our Brand

What does the brand bonprix stand for?

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What does your fashion look like?

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How do we really feel about fashion?