What does corporate responsibility mean at bonprix?

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It means everything.

The question whether bonprix does business responsibly is an easy one to answer. Of course we do. Maybe even more so than you realise. For some, a competitive pricing strategy and corporate responsibility may seem like polar opposites. And we get it. But we want to prove it’s possible. For years we’ve endorsed a principle of fairness at bonprix. And that applies just as much to the countries where our products are made as it does to our offices in Hamburg. Because at bonprix corporate activity and corporate responsibility go hand in hand. We have a duty to minimise any detrimental impact on the environment and climate change.

As a member of the Otto Group we follow some ambitious sustainability goals anchored in the Group’s sustainability management programme “impACT”.

However, since we achieved these goals much sooner than anticipated we have set new targets that reflect how ambitious we are when it comes to our responsible business model. Our bonprix sustainability strategy spans three key areas comprising our tasks and targets. These areas are products, partners and processes. Find out more under “Strategy”.

Click through the following pages to discover how we’re working towards achieving these new goals and read more about related topics. “How we make …” answers questions.


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Can I shop at bonprix with a clear conscience?Products

Can I shop at bonprix with a clear conscience?

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Do you care for sustainable production?

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How are you improving sustainability?

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Under what kind of conditions are your products manufactured?