Our Brand

What does the brand bonprix stand for?

We believe there’s no need to go looking when what you want is right in front of you.

bonprix loves life. Even when the going gets tough! From the hectic pace of our daily routines to a long-anticipated special occasion, we’ve got it covered. And our own experience has contributed, too. The bonprix team is just as diverse and bright as our customers so we understand when feel good, you look even better!

We want our customers to feel good in what they’re wearing, so we need to know what they’re thinking. Thousands of online reviews contain suggestions and feedback that help us continually improve things. Our website has all the support you need when shopping. A host of tools are designed to help customers choose the right size and fit. Fashion at bonprix needs to do so much more than just look good. It needs to leave you feeling good. Every single day.