bonprix Fashion Report

How do we really feel about fashion?

How do women really feel about fashion? It’s a valid question that deserves a substantiated answer.

To find out we joined forces with market research institute TNS Emnid and a panel of experts to commission a representative survey at the beginning of 2016. Over 2000 women in Germany aged from 18 to 70 spoke to us about what fashion really means to them. How does clothing reflect our mood? What are our favourite pieces? What inspires us to wear the clothes we choose?

We asked a lot of questions. And we got some interesting answers. We gained insights that confirmed what thought we already knew, but also took us all by surprise.

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive fashion reports ever carried out in Germany. And its results!

Complete report

Download the complete report here.


"The majority of women love fashion and use it to showcase their personalities and energy. Their clothes are selected deliberately and are usually more understated than flashy. Favourite pieces are comfortable. Women want to feel relaxed at home, but most also look forward to getting glammed up for a party!" Prof. Dr. Petra Leutner, Professor of Fashion Theory & Aesthetics at AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Hamburg

"This report looks at the subject of women and fashion from a fresh new perspective. Instead of focussing on the contents of our wardrobes, it looks at the emotional aspects of clothing and fashion." Oliver Krieg, Senior Director of Public Opinion Polling, TNS Emnid

"The report shows that fashion needs to be wearable. It’s all about choosing what you like and not conforming to other people’s expectations. Women want to feel good about themselves and what they’re wearing." Rien Jansen, Former Executive Director Purchasing & Marketing, bonprix

"A wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear. It’s a first world problem that not every woman has experienced. But there’s actually more behind it than just a superficial masquerade. This report shows that our everyday clothing is selected to meet specific social and individual requirements, and women are well aware of this." Prof. Dr. Carlo Michael Sommer, Trend Researcher & Fashion Psychologist, Technical University Darmstadt

"That fact that almost every women we asked – 94% to be precise – love getting dressed up for their partner is interesting. And far from just for a special occasion, a lot of them do it regularly." Katja Behnke, Head of Purchasing, bonprix

Women in Germany are interested in fashion and enjoy getting dressed up for their partners. As well as a selection of favourite pieces, they also have clothes they never wear anymore.

Check out the ten key results from the bonprix Fashion Report 2016 in the infographic (PDF; German).