Any questions about applying for a job at bonprix? We’re collected our most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

How can I find a job that suits me at bonprix?

Our job finder features all our vacancies and with any luck they’ll be one for you. Team players and entrepreneurs who enjoy new challenges and taking on responsibility are exactly what we’re looking for. We look forward to receiving your application!


How can I apply for a job at bonprix?

Either online or offline. We don’t mind. But filling out our online form or sending us an email is much better for the planet.


Will my travel costs for a potential interview be reimbursed?

Of course! We’re happy to cover the cost of your travel when you come for an interview or part of the selection process.

I’ve applied for a position. When can I expect to hear back?

First you’ll be sent confirmation that we’ve received your application. When we’ve looked at it in detail, you’ll then be sent some feedback. It may take some time though, so please be patient.


Are the vacancies advertised always up-to-date?

Of course, we update our jobs finder daily.


I didn’t find a vacancy that suits me. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. We’re big fans of speculative applications. The best way to do so is to use the online form, but you can also send your application by email or by post.

Can I start working as a Trainee?

Yes, for entry level we offer a range of Trainee programmes. Have a look at our " Graduates" section for more informations.

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FAQs for school pupils

Any questions about your application?
We’re collected our most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

Can I apply for work experience while I’m still at school?

Yes, of course. Apply online or send us an email, preferably six months before you want to start.


What should a good application contain?

Your application should include a strong covering letter, your CV, your last two school reports and any certificates you have from internships or other jobs you’ve done.


Is there the option of staying on after my apprenticeship has finished?

If you show us you’re a committed, ambitious, hard-working team player, the chances of us asking you to stay when you’ve finished your apprenticeship are very high indeed.

What are the application deadlines?

We don’t have any. You can apply for any vacancy when you see it, or you can send us a speculative application. If you’re interested in an apprenticeship or a dual degree programme, remember we start selecting candidates a year before the course begins. We continue to consider all apprentices and dual degree students until all our places are filled.

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FAQs for students

Any questions about your application? We’re collected our most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

Who can apply for a position as a working student?

You need to be registered as a student at a university or college and should not be working for any other company.


Do I need to complete an internship before I write my dissertation?

You don’t have to but we highly recommend it. During an internship you can really get to know the business. However, please remember that doing an internship does not guarantee we will be able to support you during your dissertation.


Are the hours working students can work limited?

As a working student you may work a maximum of 20 hours a week. Depending on the position and the area, our working students usually spend between 15 and 20 hours a week at bonprix.

What about during semester breaks?

There may be the option of working full-time in your holidays. Discuss it with your team leader in good time.


Do you support students writing their dissertations?

Naturally. If the degree and the subject fit we are happy to assist with dissertations for Bachelor and Master degrees.

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