What do other professionals say about working at bonprix?

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We asked our employees what it's like working for bonprix and summarised their answers in the following testimonials. Have a look at what they said.

"The interdisciplinary nature of bonprix means you can work with a range of areas and still all share a common goal." Katrin, Head of IT

You’re Head of IT. It sounds exciting. When did you join bonprix and what does your career path look like?

I’ve been part of the Otto Group for eighteen years and spent nine years at the Otto subsidiary itself. I worked in an area with a strong focus on IT theory. I designed IT projects and then passed them on. When I realised I was more interested in the technical side of things, I changed to the Otto Group’s IT team. I spent five years working on some major projects in Communication Management. With my degree in Business Informatics I was able to take over interface communication and fuse the two sides methodically and communicatively. I was the first point of call for any IT issues the international areas had. bonprix was one of my first main customers, and they were certainly one of the most exciting and challenging. Talks with bonprix were always enjoyable because even then it was an exceptionally fast-paced business. You could really feel the drive behind the brand. At the time, I was also responsible for architecture in Otto Group IT and was approached by bonprix and asked to pursue the subject of IT strategically. That was in late 2008 and I’ve been Head of IT here ever since. Initially I focused on IT strategy, but now I’m responsible for IT transformation in line with our decentralisation strategy.

What makes your work at bonprix so exciting?

I enjoy the interdisciplinary collaborations with other areas and I like the fact we all strive for a common goal. The diversity, the international outlook and celebrating our successes together are what makes every day at bonprix so rewarding.

What skills should applicants interested in the area have?

You must enjoy communication and networking, because it’s important to get to know other areas quickly. Candidates need be able to embrace change wholeheartedly. They should enjoy working with the latest technologies, facing new challenges and learning new things. Being persuasive and diplomatic, showing others how things could be improved and being able to compromise are also key strengths.

When it comes to their background, a Business Informatics degree is ideal. Prior knowledge of the business and IT in general are fundamental, especially for consultants who have to understand the area’s requirements as well as how to implement them – particularly when it comes to SAP.  
We’re exceptionally pragmatic here at bonprix so that’s important too. But so is a certain degree of methodology to allow processes to be introduced, and sustainable projects and business structures to be created.

Why would you recommend bonprix as an employer?

The best thing about bonprix is our enthusiasm, something that candidates and new employees often pick up on. Despite the immense challenges we face, there’s always time for some fun. We achieve and celebrate our targets as a team – that’s what makes bonprix so special and motivates me every single day. There are so many different people, all from different countries with different backgrounds. I love the fact we all share a common goal and the successes when we get there!

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"I love the “hands on” mentality that’s common throughout bonprix. Despite massive growth, employees are still encouraged to make their own decisions and communication channels are kept short." Stanislav, Head of Shop Management & User Experience

How would you describe your job?

I’m responsible for making sure that our website meets the requirements of our customers. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but believe me it is! Shopping at bonprix should be simple and fun. We want women to enjoy their shopping experience and it’s my job to make sure that happens. I love the challenges that marketing our fashion in the best way possible brings – whether on a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop PC.


What made you want to work at bonprix?

I’m passionate about e-commerce. Back at school, I was already working as a freelancer for a range of web agencies. After my exams I applied for a dual degree programme at Otto. I had always admired the Otto Group’s diversity and its enormous potential. While studying Computer Sciences, I was able to gain valuable insights into a number of different departments. I helped found the apprentice company “Culture-e” within the Otto subsidiary, and worked in lots of different areas within the Group, including Otto Venture Capital, Hermes and even Eddie Bauer in Seattle. Once I completed my degree, I was offered the opportunity to work for Otto Japan. As an e-commerce project manager there, I helped establish mobile commerce within the company. It was at Otto Japan where I also learned the ins and outs of running a mail order business.  When I returned to Germany, I transferred to bonprix and worked on a variety of e-commerce activities, including entry into the Austrian and Russian markets. It was an exciting time with two key targets – to push customers online and to boost existing purchase rates. I saw it as my chance to shine. And now I’m Head of Shop Management & User Experience.


What’s the best part of your job?

Usability tests are always the most interesting periods for me. It’s exciting to find out what our customers think of the web shop, and see what works well, what customers want to change, or how usage differs from target group to target group. This is the stage where we really get to know our customers and it impacts our work directly – like altering the shop navigation because it’s what our customers have asked for. Striking a balance between empathy and technology is what makes my job so rewarding.


What makes bonprix so unique?

I love the “hands on” mentality that’s common throughout bonprix. Despite massive growth, employees are still encouraged to make their own decisions and coordination channels are kept short. There are so many committed and pragmatic people here who really want to contribute and help grow the business. It’s a fun place to work. Right from the start, I was involved in sophisticated, exciting projects. I was encouraged to use my own initiative and supported in furthering my career. It’s bonprix’s corporate culture that makes the company so unique.

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"bonprix is an agile business that is constantly changing. However, despite these changes the corporate culture is defined by an open, same level approach." Carolin, Head of Productmanagement

Tell us about your work at bonprix and the department you’re in charge of.

I’m a Product Range Manager, so I manage the department responsible for Young Fashion, which is part of womenswear. My work focuses entirely on compiling new collections, planning and controlling. My team helps source the right styles for our customers and then we market them online or in our catalogues. The aim is to always keep our collections up-to-date. Naturally financial controlling is a huge part of it, as well as cooperating with other areas, such as Quality Assurance, Procurement and E-Commerce.

Why did you decide to join bonprix?

I started working for bonprix in 2008 in Product Range Marketing, but prior to that I completed an internship at Otto so I’d already heard a lot about bonprix. I knew that bonprix was a highly successful, fast-paced environment where things constantly change. Since working as a Product Range Manager, everything has become much more agile and a lot is different now. My role has changed dramatically over the last four years, so it’s never dull!

What appeals to me is the open corporate culture bonprix promotes. Everyone communicates at eye level without worrying about strict hierarchies.

Tell us about your team and what’s important to you?

My team is a mix of purchasers, deputies and admin staff that has grown considerably over the last few years. It’s important to me that people feel happy and are quickly accepted and valued as part of the team. We spend a lot of time together so making work enjoyable is our department’s motto. That’s the secret of our success.

What kind of skills should an applicant interested in Product Management possess?

Being a team player is vital. The only way to achieve anything here is as part of a team, so you need to love it. That’s the main prerequisite for me. It’s a dynamic environment so you should be able to embrace change too. Everyone has the chance to take on a lot of responsibility if they feel up to it, and there are some great career opportunities. You need to have a sound understanding of the subject matter and be able to recognise and comprehend complex connections. Obviously, basic training in textiles is ideal but applicants with a commercial background can be just as interesting. If someone has a design background, we can support them in learning the business side of things and vice versa. It’s interesting to see how diverse the teams at bonprix are, including my own! But every candidate should be interested in or have a feel for fashion.

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"When faced with exciting challenges, we have a lot of creative freedom to try out new ideas." Susanne, Teamleader Media Production

How long have you worked at bonprix and what does your role entail?

I’ve worked in Media Production since 2010 and my team and I coordinate the production of item data for the German and non-German web shops.

Why did you choose to work at bonprix?

My background is in publishing and bonprix were originally looking for someone to help produce catalogues. It was the right time for me to take on a new challenge. But then everything changed and I was asked if I would be interested in setting up the online side of things as part of the Media Production team. It was the best decision I ever made.

What makes your work so interesting?

There are always new things happening at bonprix. So much has happened in the five years I’ve been here and it reflects positively in the online production. We’re often faced with exciting new challenges and are given a lot of freedom when it comes to designing and trying things out. bonprix gives you the opportunity to take responsibility from an early stage, but you need to remain flexible too.

Tell us about your team and the work environment at bonprix?

There are ten of us in my team with an almost equal ratio of men and women. We have full timer and part timers too, meaning employees can find a work-life balance that works for them. Among the team, we have qualified media designers, graphic designers and career changers – like me. We like what we do and we stick together – even when there is a lot to do. When I started working here, the relaxed and fair atmosphere was one of the first things I noticed. We engage with each other in an open, friendly manner and are always willing to help.

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