What do your apprentices say about working for bonprix?

We asked them. Here’s what they said.

We asked our apprentices what they’ve learned during their time with us, what a typical day at bonprix looks like and what’s expected of them. Some of them have already completed their apprenticeship, others are half way through. Have a look at what they said.

"What I like best about bonprix is the relaxed working environment and the friendly atmosphere." Ann-Christin, dual degree in Business Administration

Hi Ann-Christin! When did you join bonprix and what exactly do you do here?

I started working here in October 2014 as part of a dual degree in Business Administration. I’m now in my 3rd semester.

So you’re doing a dual degree programme. What does it entail?

A dual degree lasts 3 ½ years and at the end of it you have a Bachelor of Science, which is internationally recognised. A dual degree means you alternate between theory and praxis. The theory is taught at university in ten week blocks. Nine of those are lectures and the final week is reserved for exams. I’ve already worked in four departments as part of my practical experience: Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Purchasing and Online Marketing.

What do you believe are the advantages of a dual degree programme?

The praxis side allows me to network and find out how different departments work. You also learn about the business’s different systems and are delegated your first small projects. It gives me an opportunity to work in a structured manner and take on responsibility. When it comes to the theory, it’s great that we have a lecturer with a business background and hands-on experience. My university is really modern with a brilliant campus. You can also sign up for language courses or tutorials if you want to. It’s interesting meeting fellow students from other companies too. Their experiences have definitely shown me what a reliable and progressive employer bonprix is.

What have been the highlights at bonprix so far?

The best thing about bonprix is the welcoming environment and my colleagues. I love the fact bonprix believes in flat hierarchies too. Another highlight was the grand opening of the new canteen, and being allowed backstage at the Maite Kelly show when I was working in the Brand & Advertising department.

Are you planning on going abroad as part of your degree at bonprix?

Yes, I have two stints abroad in the pipeline. One is an internship. You have the option of going to Brazil, the US or Europe. I’ve decided to go to Jacksonville in 2017 and do an internship at Venus, our swimwear brand. I would also like to spend a semester abroad, maybe in the US too, which both Nordakademie and bonprix support.

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"As an international company, bonprix immediately appealed to me because it offers some fantastic career opportunities once I’ve completed my degree." Mark, dual degree in Applied Computer Sciences

Hi Mark! Why did you decide to do a dual degree at bonprix?

I visited Nordakademie’s homepage to find out which companies offer a dual degree in Applied Computer Sciences and then contacted those that looked interesting. Obviously bonprix was one of them! What appealed to me was that bonprix is a major global player with fantastic career opportunities once I’ve finished my degree.

You were one of the very first to complete a dual degree programme at Nordakademie. What have you found most interesting during your time at bonprix?

While in the Project & Systems areas, I designed a system image listing all the purchasing systems the area is responsible for and their respective data linkage. There are a considerable number of links in the system image because there were over a hundred systems to include. The system image was then used for modularisation because we’re currently trying to integrate all purchasing systems into a new setting.

What are your plans once you’ve completed your degree?

I really enjoyed designing the system image and as it involves project management, I believe that’s the right path for me. I still want to focus on development though, as that’s what my degree is geared at.

Do you have any tips for future applicants interested in a dual degree?

Always be open, honest and relaxed. It’s the best way to approach a job interview because you can show people the real you.

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"My apprenticeship in Wholesale & Export is exactly what I wanted to do. As well as being given the opportunity to help plan my training, I was tasked with responsibility early on." Julia, apprentice in Wholesale and Export

Hi Julia! Tell us about yourself and what kind of apprenticeship you’re doing.

Before I started my apprenticeship in Wholesale & Export, I was actually studying Business Administration. It wasn’t for me though, so I left to begin an apprenticeship and it was the best thing I could have done! Working at bonprix is such fun, and I can apply the theory we learn at college to what I do on an everyday basis. My apprenticeship also incorporates my interest in business which is what makes it so enjoyable.

Which departments at bonprix have you got to know so far?

I spent the first four months in Product Management dealing with accessories so it was a good start. Then I moved to HR and learned about managing prospective candidates, and after that I worked in Brand & Communication where I helped develop commercials. I’ve also been in the Brazil Sales area, where I gained an insight into the Brazilian market. At present I’m in Product Management again, but this time I’m working on menswear.

Which projects or topics have you been involved in?

Working in Purchasing meant I could dedicate a lot of time to researching new trends, finding out what’s selling and where trends are headed. In Customer Services I made some test calls in the call centre to check how customers respond to our agents’ approach. And in Brazil Sales I designed newsletter mailings, so you can see just how diverse the projects I’ve been involved in are!

What’s the best part of doing an apprenticeship at bonprix?

I love that I’m trusted to carry out projects myself, as well as being able to contribute my own ideas and feeling valued by the team. There’s a lot of ways to get involved at bonprix. Obviously, some departments are mandatory. That way you find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Plus you can always go back to a specific area if you want to. Because bonprix is such a big company, there are countless options and you really can get to know every aspect of the business. Oh, and the Christmas party is fantastic too!

What skills do you think you need for an apprenticeship in Wholesale & Export? Do you have any tips for future applicants?

You definitely need to be interested in business relations and trade. And if you’re hoping to work in a global company like bonprix, it helps to speak English. You don’t need to be fluent, but it’s handy for the theory side too as a lot of terms are English. I think an analytical mind is useful, but there are also a lot of creative departments at bonprix, so creativity is just as important.
My advice is to be open and honest – it’s not all about your grades, it’s about your personality. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. If you are invited to a meeting, be candid, honest, inquisitive and committed. There’s so much you can do and learn at bonprix.

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"A diverse range of areas and projects is the perfect foundation for a multi-faceted degree and contributes to my professional growth." Nico, dual degress in Business Informatics

Tell us about yourself and what your degree focuses on.

I’m studying Business Informatics and started working at bonprix in 2014. I found out about bonprix on a list of companies that Nordakademie gave me. I read up on the company and applied straight away.

What projects or topics have you been involved in at bonprix so far?

I’m currently uploading all the service pages in bonprix’s international web shops to a content management system. I’ve also helped design online shopping guides. These tools help shoppers find the right fit and style; it’s all part of what’s known as “creative shopping”. But it’s the processes I find most fascinating. How individual departments work together and the background processes that make it all possible.

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to combining praxis and theory?

Time management. Over the past 18 months I’ve had to learn to manage my time so I’m much more organised now. Working and then attending seminars requires discipline so self-organisation is paramount.

What makes your degree at bonprix so unique?

The advantages a major international company offers are tremendous. The diverse range of areas and projects is a great base for varied and rounded degree, giving me the best possible career opportunities for the future.

What skills do people applying for a dual degree in Business Informatics need to have?

They need to be disciplined, independent, have a strong affinity for computer sciences and enjoy maths.

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"IT Administration is a great team and bonprix is a great company that gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to planning your apprenticeship." Tom- Steven, apprentice in IT Specialist System Integration

Hi Tom! What kind of apprenticeship are you doing at bonprix?

I’m doing an apprenticeship in IT Specialist System Integration. Initially I worked at the IT helpdesk and provided technical support on the phone. This involved helping internal users with their IT issues and solving problems reported by phone or by email. Issues can range from setting up a video conference to questions like “Why isn’t my monitor working?” In the second and third year, you focus on specialist areas like the data centre, the WLAN infrastructure and the firewall.

What does your apprenticeship in IT Specialist System Integration entail?

I work in bonprix’s IT department. Within IT itself there are a host of other specialist areas, like the telephone helpdesk or server support. Throughout the course of the apprenticeship I will move from area to area to gain a deep insight into the whole of IT.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship in IT Specialist System Integration at bonprix? And if so, why?

Definitely! The IT team are a great crowd and bonprix is a brilliant company to work for as they give you a lot of freedom. You are encouraged to shape your own apprenticeship so I can always say which projects interest me. In most cases, you are then allocated a place on that project team.

What skills do people applying for an IT Specialist System Integration apprenticeship need to bring to the table?

You definitely need to know your way around a PC. You also need to be inquisitive and willing to try new approaches. And you should also be someone who doesn’t give up when faced with a tricky problem – even if it takes ages to find a solution.

Do you have any tips for future applicants?

Yes, I recommend an internship here first. I did one in the school holidays before I started my apprenticeship to see if I would like it here.

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