Starting your careerat bonprix

What roles do you offer student at bonprix?

We have a range of ways you can be actively involved at bonprix, either as a working student or an intern.

Working while you study is something many students opt for. Here at bonprix, you can gain valuable, hands-on experience in a number of areas. Why not bring your skills and ideas to the table and lay the foundations for your future career. Apply for a place in a department that complements your chosen degree and your career goals. Whether in E-Commerce, IT, Controlling or Product Management, as a working student or intern you’ll have the opportunity to throw yourself in the daily business and gain hands-on experience. If, in addition to the right degree, you’re a quick leaner, a creative thinker and a team player, you’ll soon be tasked with your own projects. Our open culture, short communication paths and flat hierarchies create a welcoming work environment that motivates our employees to go above and beyond. Show us your best side and let us show you ours. Visit our JOBS page to browse our current vacancies.

Which areas can I complete an internship in?

These ones: E-Commerce, IT, Product Management, Brand & Advertising, Quality Assurance, Design, Finance & Controlling, Logistics and Retail.

We’re always on the look-out for committed, motivated interns who want to spend at least three or six months learning the ropes with us. As an internationally successful fashion & e-commerce company, you’ll gain an exciting insight into our work and our corporate culture.
Our interns are regarded as full members of the team and encouraged to contribute their own ideas.  You’ll be allocated a mentor who will support you throughout the course of your internship. And naturally you’ll be paid. You’ll also be given a subsidised travel pass, plus breakfast and lunch in our brand new on-site canteen.



We are always searching for new talents.

Apply now!

I’m about to write my dissertation. How can I combine it with bonprix?

You can write your Bachelor or Master dissertation at bonprix. We’re happy to accompany you through the final stage of your degree.

Already decided what you want to write your dissertation about? Brilliant. Send us a short summary of the topic with your application. In a personal interview, we’ll discuss your expectations with the department in question and talk about the next steps. Even if you haven’t decided on a topic yet, you can still apply. As a thriving, fast-paced and dynamic company, there’s bound to be something here that inspires you.

And here’s another tip. Completing an internship can pave the way to a good dissertation. Once you start writing yours we can support you for three to six months, during which you’ll be paid. Naturally this still applies if you’ve already completed an internship with us or you’re doing a Master’s degree. The end of your dissertation could mark the start of your new career – with bonprix.

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