What have other students learned during their time at bonprix?

We asked them.

Here are the questions we asked and the answers they gave us summarised in short statements.

"bonprix is a fast-paced company that continues to change and evolve. There are a lot of exciting opportunities for working students here." Benjamin, Student Shopmanagement

Hi Benjamin! Tell us about yourself and what you're studying.

I'm currently completing a Master's in E-Commerce and I'm in my second semester at the Wedel Technical College in Hamburg. I've been a working student at bonprix for three years now.

What department do you work in and what are your responsibilities?

I'm part of Shop Management and I mainly support the shop managers with their daily business. As well as designing web shops and newsletter mailings, I monitor the competition and help with product range optimisation.

What do you believe makes bonprix such a good employer?

Despite the large workforce, there's always a feeling of familiarity within the departments. There are also countless opportunities to gain an insight to all kinds of projects and areas. bonprix is a fast-paced business that's always growing and changing so it can react immediately to the latest trends.

Any advice for people interested in becoming a working student at bonprix?

I found out about the vacancy from a fellow student. After researching the company, I applied and everything fell into place quite quickly. As a student you rely on flexible working hours and bonprix can accommodate that. It's great that there are so many professionals here because it means someone is always on hand with advice when you need it.

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"After joining bonprix, I was soon given project responsibility. Everywhere here is kind and supportive." Sinan, Intern in Product Range Marketing

Hi Sinan! You're doing an internship at bonprix. Tell us about yourself and what you're studying.

I'm a 20 year old student from Hamburg. I'm currently in the middle of a Bachelor in International Business Studies, and I'm based at Business School Berlin's Hamburg campus.

What department do you work in and what are your responsibilities?

I've been an international marketing intern in the department Product Range Marketing since February. My internship includes global market research to aid strategic development and product range optimisation, as well as preparing presentations, assessing our competitors' bestsellers and examining markets and trends relevant to the particular product range.

What do you believe makes bonprix such a good employer?

The work environment at bonprix is really positive and people here are kind and welcoming. You are introduced to your responsibilities step-by-step, which means you can soon work independently on more complicated tasks. As I was quickly integrated into the team, I was able to take part in meetings in the very first week and started learning right away.

Any advice for people interested in completing an internship at bonprix?

It's important to show you're committed, determined and responsible. An interest in fashion and trends is also essential if you want to work here as a student. Practical and theoretical marketing experience is useful, as is a prior knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint.

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