The Package

Are there any company benefits?

There are! bonprix offers an attractive package in addition to your annual salary.

Bonus payments

In addition to your salary you can also look forward to holiday pay and a Christmas bonus.

Equity participation

Working together means we can achieve successes we want to share with our employees so you have the option to purchase discounted profit sharing rights.


And you can start thinking about the future too. We offer the option of investing part of your holiday pay, bonus or monthly salary in a company pension - tax-free. Naturally, we’re also happy to transfer any existing schemes you have to our insurance partner.

Employee discounts

Anyone working for a fashion company should be able to try out the latest trends for less. Our employees receive a 15% discount at bonprix and a number of other companies belonging to the Otto Group. You can even enjoy 5% off your holiday when you book with Otto Freizeit & Touristik.

HVV ProfiCard

As we always support greener living, we also subsidise travel passes to encourage our workforce to use public transport. And if you do need a set of wheels, you can reserve one of our bonprix hire cars – either for a single day or a whole weekend. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


And if our employees want to taka a career brake we have options for a sabbatical at bonprix.