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A new way of working: Why the green office is the future

Our knowledge of sustainable approaches in production, supply chains and office management is growing rapidly. We would like to share the valuable insights we have gathered so far as part of our CR Strategy positive choice and create added value for companies that are also facing the challenge of sustainable management. In the course of this, we have developed an exclusive whitepaper "Working World Revisited: Why Green Office is the Future", which provides concrete recommendations for action for the emergence of a sustainable corporate culture and demonstrates its urgency.


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What is the Green Office model?

Increasingly, strong corporate visions with a sustainable approach, such as the so-called Green Office Model, are gaining in importance - both in Germany and internationally. The model shows how organizations can make their everyday office life more climate-friendly and addresses the following five disciplines:

  • Climate friendly facility
  • Climate-friendly IT
  • Climate friendly building
  • Climate friendly behavior
  • Climate-friendly management

The comprehensive white paper compiles a series of recommendations for action on how employers and employees can efficiently integrate the green office approach into their daily office routine in the long term and what challenges teams and management will face in the course of the change.

How is the Green Office model implemented at bonprix?

As part of our CR Strategy positive choice, we have formulated a vision for the year 2030: 100% of the product range made from more sustainable products, a 100% climate-neutral company, 100% transparency in the supply chain. As part of our internal sustainability management, we launched the sustainable campus initiative, which introduces employees directly to the topic of sustainability in the workplace. Previous learnings of the responsible teams and exclusive insights into the change management processes are also part of the Green Office Whitepaper and round off the comprehensive insights.


Download Green Office Whitepaper for free 


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