positive product

When designing our products, we like to think about what form their afterlife will take. We choose fibres and processes that conserve natural resources. We support initiatives that make life better for those working in our supply chain. We use certified or recycled packaging. It’s all part of creating positive products.

By 2030, we want 100% of our products to be sustainable. The Otto Group defines sustainability criteria centrally. As a rule, a sustainable product must demonstrate a clear improvement over any conventional alternatives. It should be free from genetically modified organisms or nanoparticles, meet recognised certification standards and offer an ecological advantage.

Sustainable fibres are rated based on LCA (life circle assessment) data from the Higg Material Sustainability Index. This index from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is an industry-wide tool that takes into account the environmental impact from resource extraction to the factory gate (“cradle-to-gate”). It allows materials to be compared with one another.