Are your shoes produced fairly and sustainably too?

They certainly are. But there’s more. As well as adhering to our stringent social standards and minimising chemical use, we are working towards introducing new requirements aimed solely at the complex shoe manufacturing process.

Just like those already in place for textiles, we want to develop equally strict standards for the shoe supply chain and final product.

There are three areas of action: chemical use, social standards and materials.

For chemical use, we have a profile of requirements agreed with our suppliers based on the RSL of shoe standard cooperation “cads e.V.” The cads e.V. cooperation aims to safeguard quality and ensure correct labelling of shoes and leather goods. We joined the cooperation in July 2017. Our profile of requirements gives suppliers clear information on which chemicals are banned in our products.

We already carry out social auditing in every factory. Our next goal is to ensure that factories producing shoes for us all achieve a minimum score.  Find out more about our social programme here.

When it comes to materials we want to guarantee high quality by stating exactly where they are sourced from. We’ve now started identifying and rating materials and their sources. 

Can I wear your clothes with complete peace of mind?

Yes because faultless finishing is an absolute priority. 

When it comes to pollutant-free, skin-friendly textiles the Otto Group goes even further standard legal requirements.

To ensure our suppliers produce only safe, flawless clothing all of our textiles are scrupulously examined by independent, certified test labs. If anything is found not to conform to our high quality standards, it’s quickly weeded out so it can’t be sold. And by learning from our mistakes we can continue to improve so we get things right in the future. 

Click here to find out how we manage the use of chemicals.

How can you guarantee high quality products?

Through reliable, conscientious collaborations. 

When it comes to quality, we expect great things. Quality encompasses everything from a garment’s design to our supplier selection process, our rigorous product testing and how our customers receive their purchases. Our global team of suppliers and partners understands that high quality is at the heart of all these processes. Production only kicks off when a product’s material, finishing, fit and functionality all conform to the meticulous standards we agree on with our partners.

Is there a certain type of figure your clothes are designed to fit?

No, our designers create a huge range of styles suitable for every body shape – whether hourglass, athletic, apple or pear.

We want you to feel confident in our fashion so we take great care with the fit and feel of the clothes we design. Different cuts are created to flatter a range of different figures. As well as trying out cuts on our dummies, we have some very critical testers who wear our new products and tell us exactly if they pinch or cut in.

We only give the production line the go-ahead when we’re sure the cut is right. Because nothing beats trying on your new clothes and finding out that they fit!

Does it matter what I think?

Absolutely. We want to know! 

Need to tell us something about that T-shirt you bought recently? Maybe it’s too long or too short, or too loose or too tight. We take customer feedback very seriously and always pass it on to our quality experts. It means you can be part of the quality process too. So if you need to return something you’ve bought, please take a minute to tell us why you didn’t like it. That way, we can get it right next time.

Who makes sure everything’s spot on?

Our quality experts

Good quality doesn’t materialise out of nothing. It takes diligence and commitment at every stage. International quality experts monitor every step of the process – from how a product is designed to how it is delivered to the customer. The colours, the cut, the seamwork, the embroidery.  Everything needs to be perfect. We even take random samples in our warehouse to double-check the material, finishing and fit. Only when everything is top notch does a product go on sale – and find its way to you.