What are “sustainable products”?

Our sustainable products are made using materials or processes that meet our strict social and environmental standards. Our sustainable materials include FSC® certified wood, organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, recycled cotton, recycled polyester such as Repreve® or recycled polyamide such as Econyl. Throughout their lifecycles, all these materials have a much reduced impact on the environment than their conventional counterparts. When our products contain any of these materials, we class them as sustainable. They’re also clearly labelled so you can see exactly what you’re buying. 

Garments made using cotton from the Cotton made in Africa initiative are labelled as sustainable products. By buying these products you are supporting sustainable cotton cultivation, and helping to improve working and living conditions for smallholder farmers in Africa. 97% of all our cotton products are made using CmiA cotton, and we aim to up that figure to 100% by 2020. And we don't want to stop there: we strive for 70% sustainable fibres in all our textile collections by 2025.

To guarantee they meet our high demands our sustainability processes adhere to recognised quality standards and certifications such as GOTS, GRS, STeP and bluesign. Once a product meets the requirements of any of these certifications, it is classed as a sustainable product.

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The second edition of our Sustainable Collection

In April 2019, we launched a brand new collection featuring twenty selected styles designed to be more sustainable than ever before.  In August, the second edition for AW19 followed. All our products meet strict sustainability requirements, but our Sustainability Collections are geared at becoming greener and more eco-friendly with every new release.

Instead of chemicals we’ve opted for natural dyes made from lemon peel, rose petals, lavender or clay and olive leaves. Jeans in our first collection were dyed using 15% less water. A pioneering laser technique to create denim’s trademark used look saves even more water.  One highlight of the new collection is a recycled polyester parka jacket made from 25 x 0.5L PET bottles. In the future, we aim to integrate these new materials and processes into our standard product ranges and continually increase our share of sustainable products. Just like the first Sustainable Collection, products are packaged in polybags made from 100% recycled polyester.

The collection is available online in 23 countries or in bonprix’s “fashion connect” flagship store in Hamburg. 

Give the gift of a smile with a T-shirt

This short film about textile production in Uganda shows how every one of our T-shirts can give the gift of a smile – from sustainable cotton cultivation and support for African smallholder farmers to the manufacturing process at one of our partners.