The Green Button

So many quality labels out there – what makes the Green Button so special?

As the world’s first government sustainable textile label, the Green Button is one you can rely on. Anchored in recognised sustainability standards, the Green Button is subject to scrutiny by independent bodies and the German government.

The Green Button focuses on issues that matter both today and tomorrow – human rights, social responsibility and ecological responsibility. What makes it unique is that manufacturers wanting to use the Green Button must fulfil 20 different criteria, with a further 26 social and environmental minimum standards for textiles. It may seem a lot, but it’s the best way of protecting people and the planet.


Here’s a brief overview of what’s required to be awarded the Green Button label.

Social criteria

The Green Button label shows that the product was made in a safe and fair workplace.  This includes:

  • A ban on child and forced labour
  • The payment of a minimum wage
  • Limitations on working hours and written contracts
  • Compliance with health & safety regulations
  • The right to freedom of association and collective bargaining

Eco criteria

Environmental protection is a huge part of what the Green Button stands for. Manufacturers must prove they are:

  • Slashing CO₂ emissions
  • Adhering to wastewater disposal limits
  • Not using any hazardous chemicals
  • Upholding the ban on plasticisers
  • Using certified natural fibres with no harmful contaminants


Right from the start, the Green Button ensures transparency. And with transparency comes consumer confidence. This independent label is awarded by the German government, and examines both the manufacturer and the products they produce. Companies need to prove that they are operating responsibly. They must be prepared to identify risks in the supply chains and work with their suppliers to make improvements. Measures to ensure social and ecological minimum standards are upheld are one example of what inspectors are looking for.  These conditions and many others apply to both the manufacturer and their products, and are determined by the German government.  


Independent bodies carry out scrupulous inspections to ensure all conditions are met. It’s how you can be sure that the Green Button garment you’re wearing is good for you, good for others and good for the planet.


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